When Does Snapchat Say You Are Typing? [Detailed Guide]

Do you ever find yourself wondering when exactly the person you’re texting on Snapchat will know that you are typing? You may have noticed that your contacts receive a notification whenever they see you actively composing a message, but what happens behind the scenes to let them know? In this article, we’ll take a look at how and when Snapchat sends notifications indicating that someone is typing.

When Does Snapchat Say You Are Typing

Ever since its introduction in 2011, Snapchat has been one of the most popular messaging apps around – and for good reason! After all, it offers users such features as sending disappearing messages, sharing photos and videos with friends, and even playing interactive games together. But one feature that many people overlook is its ability to send notifications when someone starts typing a reply. This can be invaluable if you want to keep track of who’s responding to your messages.

When Does Snapchat Say You Are Typing

Ultimately, understanding how Snapchat alerts users when someone begins writing can help make conversations more efficient by allowing both parties to stay up-to-date on each other’s activity. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll always be able to respond quickly so nothing gets lost in translation! So read on to learn all about ‘When Does Snapchat Say You Are Typing’.

Does Snapchat Say You’Re Typing If You Only Open The Chat?

When someone opens a chat on Snapchat, they may notice the app indicating that their contact is typing. This notification behavior can be confusing to some users because it appears as if their contact has begun writing them a message, when in fact all they’ve done is open the conversation. So what does Snapchat really mean when it displays this chat indicator?

The answer is that no, you are not being notified that your contact is actively typing when you open the chat. The “typing…” indicator only appears immediately after sending or receiving a text or media file with the person you’re chatting with. If neither of you has sent anything yet, then the “typing…” will not appear – even if one of you just opened the chat window. Therefore, there is no need to worry if your contact hasn’t responded; this simply means they haven’t written anything back yet.

In short, opening a conversation on its own will never trigger Snapchat’s “typing…” indicator for either user. However, once both users begin exchanging messages and files, then each person will be able to see whether or not the other party is actively composing something new at any given time.

How Does The ‘Typing…’ Notification Work?

When you are messaging someone on Snapchat, a typing notification will appear when the other person is actively writing out their response. The ‘typing…’ notification appears as three dots in the chat bubble, letting you know that the other user is currently preparing their message. This feature allows users to keep track of who they are talking to and how long it takes them to respond.

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Interesting statistics show that over 70% of people on social media prefer using instant messaging apps like Snapchat compared to regular texting services. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how exactly this ‘typing…’ notification works within Snapchat:

Feature Description
Speed The notification appears almost instantly
Length It remains visible for about 10 seconds
Usage Allows users to anticipate another response

The speed at which this notification appears is instantaneous – as soon as your recipient starts typing out their message, it will be displayed in real-time. It also stays visible for approximately ten seconds before disappearing from the screen2. As such, if the other user stops typing for longer than ten seconds, then you know that they have likely stopped composing their reply or moved away from the conversation altogether.

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This feature helps users anticipate what type of response they can expect from the other party and gives them an idea of how quickly they should expect it. Although not 100% accurate, this indicator has proven quite useful in helping users gauge when their messages will receive replies and plan accordingly3. Allowing us to communicate with our peers without having to wait around nervously or continuously refresh the page makes sending messages significantly more enjoyable and efficient!

Can You Disable The Typing Indicator On Snapchat

The typing indicator on Snapchat can be an annoyance to some users, as it alerts the other person that they are being responded to. As a result, many people wonder if there is a way to disable this notification. Unfortunately, there is no direct way of disabling the typing indicator on Snapchat. However, one indirect method for getting around this restriction exists – by using third-party applications. These apps allow users to remove or hide their typing status from others in order to avoid giving away too much information about themselves and have conversations more discreetly.

  • Rather than seeing your friends’ “typing” notifications while you’re typing, copy and paste your message from another app into Snapchat when you’re ready to send it.

  • During typing, you are switching off your internet connection, which will prevent Snapchat from sending you a “typing” notification. Until you reconnect, you will also not be able to send any messages.


In conclusion, the typing indicator on Snapchat is an important feature that helps keep users in touch with each other. It’s useful and easy to use, but it can also be a source of frustration if you’re trying to keep your conversations private or don’t want anyone else to know when you’re chatting away. The good news is that it’s possible to disable the typing indicator so no one knows when you’re messaging someone.

It’s interesting to note that more than 10 billion messages are sent using Snapchat every day! That’s a staggering amount of communication taking place through this app alone. Imagine how many people are connected at any given time thanks to this popular messaging platform.

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