How To Send Disappearing Photos On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and it is known for its photo and video-sharing features. Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to post disappearing photos and videos that are visible to their followers for 24 hours. This feature is an excellent way to share your experiences with your friends and family without cluttering your profile with too many posts. In this article, we will explain how to send disappearing photos or videos on Instagram.

How to Send Disappearing Photos on Instagram

Sending disappearing photos or videos on Instagram is an easy and fun way to share moments with friends. So don’t worry about missing out on those special moments ever again; with these tips for accessing disappearing photos/videos, finding cherished memories has never been easier!

How to send disappearing photos on Instagram

  1. Open your Instagram app and tap the camera icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Take a picture, record a video, or upload one from your device’s library.
  3. To make sure that this post disappears after 24 hours, toggle off “Save to Your Profile” at the bottom right corner of the image/video.
  4. At this point, you can add filters and draw over your post if desired before tapping “Next.”
  5. Tap the Send To icon at the top right corner which looks like an arrow pointing toward another person with a plus sign next to it – then choose who you would like to send your disappearing media to. You can select up to 10 people for each individual post sent out as well as any group chats that have been formed prior by clicking “Send To”.
  6. Once all intended recipients are selected, click ‘Send’ and bam, your disappearing media is now ready for viewing by friends!

It has never been easier than now to share ephemeral content with friends through Instagram – no matter where they may be located around the world! With just a few simple steps, anyone can start sending their own personal disappearing photos and videos quickly and safely through direct messages from within the application itself.

Send Disappearing Photos or Videos Using Vanish Mode

Vanish mode is a feature on Instagram that allows users to send disappearing messages in a chat. When you enable vanish mode in a chat, any messages sent in that chat will disappear automatically after they are viewed by the recipient. This feature is designed to make conversations more private and secure and can be used for fun and casual conversations with friends and family.

To use vanish mode on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open the chat with the person you want to send a disappearing message to.
  2. Swipe up on the screen to enable vanish mode.
  3. Once vanish mode is enabled, any messages sent in that chat will disappear after they are viewed.
  4. To turn off vanish mode, swipe up on the screen again.
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When you use vanish mode, you can send text messages, photos, and videos. You can also react to messages using emojis and send selfie stickers. These features are designed to make conversations more fun and engaging.

It’s important to note that while vanishing mode can make conversations more private and secure, it’s not foolproof. The recipient can still take a screenshot or screen recording of the message before it disappears, and it’s always possible for someone to forward the message to others.

To ensure your privacy and security while using vanish mode, only use it with people you trust and avoid sending sensitive or confidential information using this feature.

How to Send a Group of Disappearing Photos/Videos

Sending a group of disappearing photos or videos on Instagram is easy and straightforward. To send multiple disappearing photos, start by tapping the camera icon in the upper left corner of your feed. You’ll then be asked to select either gallery or photo. If you choose a gallery, select up to 10 photos from your device’s library that you’d like to send as a group story post. Once selected, tap Next at the top right-hand side of the screen.

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Next, add text, gifs, stickers, or drawings with the options available near the bottom of the screen before tapping ‘Send’ in the top right which will upload it directly into your stories feed. To send a group of disappearing videos using Instagram Stories simply follow these steps. First, open the Instagram app and go to your home page; next click “Your Story” located at the top left of your profile picture; then click on “Create”. From there you can record several videos or upload them from your phone’s library if they were previously recorded.


In conclusion, sending disappearing photos and videos on Instagram is a great way to share quick moments with friends. It’s easy to do, and there are plenty of options available for how you’d like your messages to be seen. With this feature, it’s possible to capture memories at the moment without having them stay around forever – perfect for those times when you don’t want anything lasting!

The ironic thing about all this though? No matter what photo or video we send our friends, nothing can really make us disappear from their lives completely. Even if we’re not physically together anymore, they’ll always have whatever memories were shared through these images saved in their minds (and hearts) forever.

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