How To Block Snapchat On iPhone [Full Guide]

Here’s all the information you need to know about how to block Snapchat on iPhone. With just a few clicks, you can make sure that no one is able to access this popular social media platform from your device again.

Snapchat has become increasingly popular among young people in recent years. It allows them to share photos and videos with friends as well as send messages through its instant messaging feature. However, many parents worry about the content their children might be exposed to by using the app, particularly given its reputation for inappropriate behavior. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent anyone from accessing Snapchat from an iPhone, setting up parental controls or restrictions on the device itself.

The good news is that how to block Snapchat on iPhone is the simplest thing. Blocking Snapchat on an iPhone doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. In fact, we’ll show you how easy it is in three simple steps. So if you’re ready to take control of who has access to your device and ensure that your family stays safe online, keep reading!

How to Block Snapchat on iPhone (Step By Step)

How To Block Snapchat On iPhone

To block Snapchat on an iPhone, you can use the built-in Screen Time feature to set restrictions on app usage. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “Screen Time”.
  3. If you haven’t set up Screen Time before, tap on “Turn On Screen Time” and follow the prompts to set it up.
  4. Tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions”.
  5. Turn on the Content & Privacy Restrictions toggle switch.
  6. Tap on “Allowed Apps”.
  7. Turn off the toggle switch next to “Snapchat” to block it.
  8. If desired, you can set a Screen Time passcode to prevent unauthorized changes to these settings.

After completing these steps, the Snapchat app will be blocked on your iPhone.

Deleting the Snapchat App From iPhone

Deleting the Snapchat app from your iPhone is a fairly simple process, but you should be aware of all the implications before doing so. To uninstall Snapchat from an iPhone, start by pressing and holding its icon on the home screen until all icons begin to wiggle. Then tap the ‘x’ that appears in the top left corner of the Snapchat icon, followed by ‘Delete’. This will remove the app from your phone’s memory.

You may still receive notifications if someone messages or tags you after you have deleted the app; however, these can be easily blocked within your device settings. If some of your friends are only contactable through Snapchat, consider sharing alternative forms of communication with them such as email addresses or social media accounts prior to deleting it.

Uninstalling an app means losing any data associated with it such as account information or saved files. It also means no longer receiving updates for any features that have been added since installation. Therefore, make sure this action won’t affect other aspects of using your iPhone before proceeding with uninstalling Snapchat from your device.

Blocking Snapchat From iPhone App Store

The App Store provides users with a variety of apps, including Snapchat. However, if you don’t want your child to use Snapchat on their iPhone, it’s important to learn how to block the app from the App Store.

To restrict access to Snapchat through the App Store, open up Settings and then click General followed by Restrictions. You’ll be prompted for a four-digit passcode that will need to be entered in order to make any changes, this is an additional security measure.

Once you’re inside the Restrictions menu, scroll down until you find Apps, and then select Don’t Allow Apps. This prevents users from downloading new apps or making purchases within existing ones. The same process can also be used to deny access to other apps like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok as well.

It’s worth noting that these settings are not permanent; they can be changed at any time by entering in the four-digit passcode once again. If you decide later on that you’d like your child to have access to certain apps, simply go back into the Restrictions menu and enable them again. With this method, parents can easily prevent their children from using Snapchat via the App Store without having to monitor their activity all day long.

Restricting Access to Snapchat App In iPhone Settings

Restricting access to Snapchat on an iPhone is possible through the Settings app. To begin, open up your iPhone’s Settings and scroll down until you find the entry for ‘General.’ Tap into this option, then select ‘Restrictions.’ After that, tap in ‘Enable Restriction’ and enter a passcode. This will ensure no one else can make changes to these settings without knowing the code.

Next, scroll down in the list of restriction options until you see “Snapchat” listed and switch it off. You can also prevent users from downloading or deleting apps here by switching off “Installing Apps” or “Deleting Apps” if desired. Once you have finished making adjustments save any changes you made by tapping on ‘Done’ at the upper right-hand corner of your phone screen.

Now when someone attempts to launch Snapchat they will be blocked out and unable to use it unless they know your passcode. It is important to remember this password as anyone with access to it could potentially gain access back into all restricted apps including Snapchat.

Setting iPhone Screen Time Limits for Snapchat App

According to recent studies, the average teenager spends over 7 hours a day on their phone. Setting iPhone screen time limits for the Snapchat app is an effective way of curbing excessive use and managing online habits.

There are several ways to set Snapchat limits on your iPhone. First, you can open the Settings App and go to Screen Time. From here you have the option to limit individual apps such as Snapchat by setting daily usage times or blocking it completely during certain times of day. If desired, you also have the ability to set content restrictions based on age ratings for this particular app.

Another great feature is that you can customize device usage settings for each family member with Family Sharing enabled on your Apple devices – this allows parents to manage how much time children spend using specific apps like Snapchat. You can also check detailed reports about how long each family member has been using Snapchat so you can adjust the Snapchat time limits accordingly if needed.

Overall, managing screen time usage is important in helping ensure healthy habits and preventing addiction when using Snapchat or any other app available on iPhones. With these tools at hand, users can monitor themselves or those they care about more effectively while ensuring responsible digital behavior without sacrificing convenience or enjoyment.

Using Third-Party Apps to Block Snapchat On iPhone

Using third-party apps to block Snapchat on iPhone devices can be an effective way to enforce parental control and keep your children safe while they are online. Many monitoring software services offer the ability to set restrictions on which sites or applications your kids can access through their phones. With this type of service, you can easily restrict the usage of Snapchat for any iPhone user in just a few steps.

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First, find a reliable monitoring app that provides features such as content blocking and time limits for specific websites or apps. Next, install the monitoring app onto each iPhone device owned by your child. Once installed, open up the settings menu and navigate to the “Content Blocking” section where you can then set restrictions for Snapchat specifically. You may choose to completely block it from being accessed or limit how long it is used during certain times of the day.

Finally, make sure to monitor the activity closely so you know when someone tries to use Snapchat and is blocked due to your preset settings. This will help ensure that your children remain safe online and do not come across dangerous individuals or situations while using social media platforms like Snapchat.

Blocking In-App Purchases For Snapchat App

It’s like this: you want to protect your kids from making unwanted purchases while they’re using the Snapchat app, but it’s no easy feat. It almost feels like attempting to catch a slippery fish with bare hands!

Fortunately, there are various ways to block in-app purchases for the Snapchat app that can help parents prevent their children from buying items within the app without permission. Here is a brief list of such methods:

  • Enable Restrictions on iPhone or iPad device settings (for iOS 8 and above).
  • Set up Screen Time limits on iPhones or iPads (for iOS 12 and above).
  • Utilize third-party parental control apps such as Qustodio, Norton Family Parental Control, Kaspersky Safe Kids, etc. so that parents can monitor what their kids do online.
  • Disable In-App Purchases altogether by going into Settings > iTunes & App Store > Password Settings.

So if you’re looking to stop your children from making any Snapchat purchases, these steps should be able to help! With them, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing your little ones won’t be spending money recklessly while they explore the world of social media.

Utilizing Content & Privacy Restrictions on iPhone

Now that you have successfully blocked in-app purchases for the Snapchat app on your iPhone, it’s important to understand how content and privacy restrictions can be used to further protect and control a user’s device. Utilizing the settings within an iPhone is key when making sure parental controls are enabled.

Content restrictions allow users to block access to specific apps, websites, or services that they don’t want their child using. For example, if an adult wants to restrict their child from accessing Snapchat completely, they can do so by enabling this feature in their iPhone settings. This will prevent them from downloading and using the app as well as limit what web pages they can view through Safari or any other browser installed on their phone.

Privacy restrictions are also extremely important when it comes to controlling who has access to certain information stored on a person’s device. For instance, parents should enable these kinds of settings if they want to ensure that no one else can see private information such as contacts, photos, videos, and more without permission. Additionally, these settings allow users to control which third-party applications have access to location data among many other things like cellular data usage and analytics sharing.

With all of this being said, taking advantage of content and privacy restriction features offered by Apple is essential for anyone looking for additional security measures when it comes to protecting themselves and/or their children while using iPhones. By utilizing these tools properly, users can rest assured knowing that the necessary steps were taken in order to keep everything safe and secure at all times.

Installing Monitoring Software To Track & Block Snapchat Usage

According to a recent study, nearly 80% of teens use Snapchat daily. If you are looking for ways to manage and limit your child’s usage of the app, installing monitoring software is a great way to start. Monitoring software can help track the Snapchat activity on an iPhone and block certain apps or features if necessary.

The installation process for most monitoring software is quite straightforward. All that’s required is downloading the program onto the device in question and setting up a user account with administrative privileges.

Once installed, users can then set restrictions on what type of content their child can access through Snapchat as well as how much time they spend using it. By doing this, parents will be able to keep tabs on their kid’s online activities while ensuring that they stay safe from any potential dangers within the app.

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With monitoring software, parents also have the ability to monitor other aspects of their child’s phone usage such as text messages, browser history, etc., giving them more insight into what their kids are up to when they’re not around. With all these options available at one’s fingertips, managing and limiting your children’s smartphone usage has never been easier!

Contacting your Wireless Provider to Block Snapchat

If you’re looking to block access to Snapchat on your iPhone, one of the best ways to do so is by contacting your wireless provider. By doing this, you can have them set up a filter or blocking system that will prevent any use of the app on your device.

Provider Phone Number
AT&T 800-331-0500
Verizon 800-922-0204
Sprint 888-211-4727
T-Mobile 877-746-0909

When contacting your wireless provider, be sure to provide specifics about what type of content and/or application you would like blocked from being accessed on your phone. This may include asking for a Snapchat block specifically or simply stating that all social media networking sites should not be accessible through their network.

Depending on the provider’s policies and guidelines, they may be able to help implement a restriction that meets your needs. Additionally, if there are certain websites or apps that aren’t working properly after contact with the provider, it may require further support from their technical team in order to ensure everything is functioning properly.

You’ll want to make sure you understand how the restrictions work before having them applied as these changes can affect more than just Snapchat. Some providers charge extra fees for additional services like blocking software packages. so read over all related documents carefully when making decisions regarding usage limits. Blocking applications such as SnapChat helps protect both children and adults alike against potential online dangers, so take advantage of these tools when needed!


In conclusion, blocking Snapchat on an iPhone is possible through a number of methods. Deleting the app from your phone can be a quick and easy fix if you want to remove access altogether. Alternatively, restricting access in settings or setting screen time limits are great options for parents who want to keep children safe online.

Overall, taking control of what apps users have access to on iPhones has never been easier. It’s important that we take these steps as responsible adults and guardians so our children don’t fall prey to any negative influences that may exist out there in cyberspace, metaphorically speaking, it’s like closing the barn door after the horses got out! By making sure our phones are properly secure with strong passwords and other security protocols such as two-factor authentication, we can ensure greater safety while using digital devices at home or away.

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