15 Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

Are you looking for a Legal MP3 or Music download application for your phone? In this article, we’ll guide you through the 15 best free music Download Apps for Android that allow you to enjoy music on the internet and even download them to your smartphone.

Smartphones have revolutionized our listening habits and managed our music. As a result, many people rely on subscription-based services such as Spotify and Apple music to listen to music.

Well, if essential streaming services for music aren’t available in your area or you do not want to pay for music, these free music-downloading apps can help you.

Top Free Music Download Apps For Android

Best Free Music Download Apps for Android

1. Spotify

Spotify offers a huge collection of more than 40 million songs across diverse genres and languages. In addition, Spotify offers the most reliable tool for discovering music which suggests to users different kinds of music they might like. Spotify lets users store their music playlists on the computer and download the songs to listen to offline.


Spotify offers an unpaid version that is suitable for those who are not avid music fans. However, you could upgrade the version to premium to stay clear of irritating advertisements, increase the quality of your music and gain access to the download feature.


  • Massive Collection Of Music
  • High-Bitrate Music
  • Can save Music on the internal storage device or an SD card.


  • Unable to select music for free

2. Amazon Music

The next Android music downloader comes from Amazon Music. Utilizing Amazon Music, you can download and listen to hundreds of thousands of songs. Amazon Music has pre-curated playlists for various moods and artists. In addition, Amazon Music has an efficient music player that is built-in and a built-in download manager.

Amazon Music -Best music download apps

Amazon Music comes bundled up with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime service. You can access Amazon Music even on your PC.


  • Download the history
  • No advertisements


  • Issues with cached information.

1. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a stunning streaming service for music with an extensive library that includes more than 150 million songs. In fact, Soundcloud is the sole platform that allows you to listen to remixes, beats, EDM’s, and remakes by emerging music creators. Most independent creators grant the option of downloading their tracks.

Soundcloud - best music app to download songs

In addition to Music, Soundcloud also has a great selection of shows, and finding your preferred podcast shouldn’t be a problem. Furthermore, the interface for users of the app is extremely user-friendly, and SoundCloud is top-quality music.


  • A Massive Collection Of Songs
  • Podcasts and Different Shows
  • High streaming speeds


  • Paid Subscription To Popular Titles
  • Lack Of Exploration Tools

3. Audiomack

Audiomack is yet another top music downloader app available for Android phone users. It offers a wide collection of music from different genres, including Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, Reggae music, and mixtapes. Users can download or stream the music of their choice.

Audiomack free-music-download-app-for-android

Audiomack is also an opportunity for aspiring music creators to share their work. Additionally, Audiomack has a clutter-free user interface.


  • Find and play music, mixtapes, and more
  • Create unlimited playlists
  • Unlimited listening & streaming


  • There are no popular or actual music tracks
  • Streaming Music can take some time.

4. Apple Music

The next Music streaming and download service can be found in Apple Music. Apple’s most well-known streaming service has enjoyed huge popularity since its introduction in 2014. Apple Music has a vast collection of approximately 45 million music. In addition, Apple Music also offers the Radio service for various types of music.

Apple Music
In addition to streaming Music, Apple Music also doubles as social media platform since it lets users post their playlists on social media and interact with posts by their favorite artists.
Apple Music offers a free service for three months. After the free trial expires, you can purchase Apple Music. Apple Music subscription.


  • A large quantity of content
  • The ability to share playlists
  • Ad-Free and Totally Free


  • Buggy UI on non-apple devices

5. Rock My Run

Rock My Run is an amazing music-listening app for runners that serves as a top free music download application. With the application, users can download music from many public domains. The app for workouts includes some of the latest features, such as Body Driven Music adjusts music the tempo of playlists and mixes to be in sync with your movements or cadence for your goal.

Rock My Run -free-music-downloader-for-android-1

Rock My Run has a well-designed interface with decent tools for organizing your music. It allows you to select music from genres such as Pop, Rock, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, the 80s, 90s, Oldies, Christian, R&B, Latin, Reggae, Seasonal, Country, Bmore, and Classical. In addition, the application offers specific Marathon playlists.


  • Mixes are built in BPM
  • Not too intrusive ads
  • A massive music collection


  • You need to look at the actual playlist of songs. Playlist.
  • Can’t be used on low-speed internet connections.

5. YMusic

YMusic is among the most elegant and official music downloader programs. It allows you to listen to every YouTube video as an audio file, even running it as a background application on your smartphone.
The main benefit is that you can download music files in audio format. You can download them in M4A as well as MP3 formats. Additionally, it comes with a user-friendly library interface that allows you to control your music library exactly as you do in an app for music players. Songs downloaded are stored on your phone, so you can access them through your favorite music player.


YMusic is currently working on redesigning its interface, which you can try out by selecting the hamburger menu in the upper-left corner and selecting “YMusic Beta.”

6. NewPipe

NewPipe is another application that does the job of downloading music. It’s open-source and is continuously improving. It supports SoundCloud, MediaCCC, Bandcamp, and PeerTube downloads, which means you can use NewPipe to search for these applications. Also, the app is wider than YouTube, unlike other applications that include support for other apps.


The app defaults to being opened as a YouTube frontend. Find the video you wish to save to your device, click the download icon beneath the video, and select whether you would like it to be downloaded in audio or video format. NewPipe provides access to various options to manage “Downloads.” For example, it allows you to restrict the download queue or select the location you want to download each track.

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Suppose you’d like to switch from SoundCloud or Bandcamp Tap the menu icon located in the top left corner, followed by the large red “NewPipe” icon at the top. Next, select the service you want to use.

8. TubeMate

TubeMate is a specific application that lets you download videos from YouTube. So naturally, it is possible to download the videos in only audio format is also available.

If YouTube is your top source for music, this app could be your ideal choice. However, if you are looking for more variety, consider alternative options.

It is possible to download TubeMate on the official website. (Google does not allow this on the Play Store, presumably because it interferes with YouTube.) However, if you attempt downloading audio files (M4A or MP3), you’ll be asked to install MP3 Video Converter, which works in conjunction with TubeMate and converts videos to audio.

The process of downloading is straightforward. First, find the video you’re looking for, and then click the red download button at the bottom of the screen.

9. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a top music download free application for Android users. Using YouTube Music, you can listen to virtually every track available on YouTube. This streaming service from YouTube provides the highest quality music playback.

YouTube Music

Additionally, you can secure your phone while you listen to Music on YouTube because it is impossible with the YouTube application.
YouTube Music has a free trial period of one month, and you can continue using it if you are satisfied with the program by paying a small fee. The subscription also takes out advertisements from YouTube videos.


  • Download unlimited tracks and playlists
  • Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac
  • Web version available


  • You need help to play music on two different devices.

10. Ganna Music

Ganna Music is a perfect application to stream and downloads Indian Music. Alongside the 30 million Bollywood and English songs, Ganna Music also doubles as a complete FM Radio. In addition, Ganna also offers lyrics for each song available on its streaming services.

Ganna Music
When you upgrade the service to Ganna Music Plus, you can download unlimited songs to listen offline and sync downloads across five devices.


  • Theme of black and white
  • Music is updated every day
  • Music with high audio high


  • Ads in the free version
  • Random problems with the music queue

11. Fildo

Fildo isn’t available via traditional methods, such as it is not available through traditional channels, such as the Google Play Store. You can only download it through the official website, which is waiting for users to install it on your device in APK format. It’s currently available for Androids; the developers are developing the development of Fildo Lite iOS version of the application.

Fildo- Free android music app

Once it’s installed, The app is easy to use. First, browse through the top songs on the main screen. Alternatively, you can utilize the search function to find particular songs or albums.

If Fildo can locate the album or song in question, tap the artwork of the album to launch it. To download a track, click on the three dots on the right side and then select “Download.” The app lets you make playlists and grants you access to the lyrics. The songs you download will be saved to your device’s internal storage to access them without having to download the application.

The downside to using Fildo is that the program is stuffed with ads. If you’re uncomfortable with this, it’s recommended that you choose a different option from the list below.

12. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is another capable music streaming and download service. This streaming service has hundreds of curated playlists, allowing you to follow playlists and artists. One of the most notable features of Wynk Music is its compatibility with Chromecast.

Wynk Music
Like Ganna Music, you must pay to download music however, streaming them is free. In addition, Wynk Music also has an Internet-based radio and powerful exploration tools.


  • Individualized suggestions
  • High-quality streaming of music
  • Music streaming for free with low internet speeds


  • There are too many ads in the free version.
  • Low-bit rate music with the free version

13. Hungama Song App

Hungama app is an excellent app that will be utilized by millions of users today. The app can be employed to stream music. You can stream your tracks online with this app, download them, and save the songs.

Hungama Song App

With this app, you will not just listen to your favorite songs but also read the lyrics to your songs. Nearly all songs in the Indian language of India can be downloaded from the app. By pressing the download button, you can download your favorite song anytime.

Principal Features of the App:

In this application, you will find a variety of songs, such as Haryanvi, Bhojpuri, Hindi, and English.
Millions of users have downloaded Hungama on the Play Store. As a result, office Sets have the confidence.
With this app Best Free Music Download Apps, you can view your songs’ lyrics.

14. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Using Google Play Music, users can stream and listen to music, radio channels, and upload their own music collection and listen to them across Android, iOS, and the web. Features of the application include a beautiful and colorful UI, as well as searching by artist, genre, mood, and decade.

15. JioSaavn

The last application that allows you to stream and download online music without cost JioSaavn. JioSaavn
is possibly the most user-friendly UI among the apps, as we mentioned earlier. When searching for songs on JioSaavn, you can compose lyrics you’ve jotted down to play the song.

Like all apps, you can make and save playlists of your most loved songs. In addition, JioSaavn offers a nice arrangement for various moods or music genres.


  • High-quality audio downloads at 320kbps on the Pro version
  • Saavn Radio – endless music to suit any mood, song, or artist


  • Screen-covering Ads on the Free version
  • Not usable with low internet speeds

What is Good Music Downloader Apps For Android?

The top music downloader apps available for Android include JioSaavn, YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.


So, these are the most effective streaming and downloading applications for Android users. If you’ve reached this point, please inform us what download or streaming application you prefer to use.
Finally, in the comment section below, please provide any other recommendations from your experience.

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